Sunday, June 1, 2014

Headline Poem 6/1/14 -- There are certain things

Today's poem is inspired by a headline, but I'm not sayin' which one. Not fair? That's okay... because there are certain things... 

There are certain things

we don't talk about,
but should. 
We scoff and turn up noses and cheeks instead of speak 
We slam the door of discussion
In hungry-for-deliberation faces,
ignoring the knocks of shame and blame,
and in the process lend no neighbors sugar, and deny
Them wine. 
Because they reek, sure, but if
we stopped keeping them 
a secret, silenced like the lamb, 
we'd have a chance to break 
cycles before they began
to knock 
the next 
off their feet, 
With the burden of 
Carrying the weight 
Of these 
certain things
   All  Alone!