Monday, June 30, 2014

Headline Poem 6/30/14 -- I am a better

(Photo credit Google Image)
I read this powerful post tonight about the life and death of poet Rachel Sherwood. It inspired today's poem about a younger self, and the simplicity of things. 

I am a better 

I am a better
lover now
than in my youth.
My hands coil and curve,
respecting gathering

(this matters as much as
stars that shoot
and dreams that exude
colors they are
not supposed to). 

I caress the absence of fear,
A lover on its own
a floating, flowering,
furnace of heat. 

  The kind that 
  not afraid
     ask for more.

Warm lasts where
hot does not,

like a pile of
   green, then yellow,
then brown,

I am a heart that beats,
and vow to speak
(to you)
in the same language
     in our light
as I will tonight    
        in our dark. 

I am
unable to move 
unless the mild sky
smiles wildly
and covers me in a
transparent blanket
of water,
a clearer (oddly) version of myself.

I am a better
today, than yesterday.