Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Headline Poem 6/25/14 -- The Canvas

I read this tonight about an Australian artist who used his paintings to retake the land taken from him in the bush of Australia. 
Here is today's poem. 

The Canvas 

I can take colors and make them 
change like melted butter on my skin. 
I'm a dreamer. 
Do not leave me and let me pass. 
I have something to offer if you stop and ask.
I can take the splatter and the mess ups, the blended concoctions that go all wrong. 
I can look the other way while you hurry things along. 
I'll sing to keep myself busy, or whisper our private call. 
I'll wait patiently while you rearrange me on the wall. 
When you're satisfied, I'll let you look at me,
and when I'm ready, 
I'll curtsy neatly on the floor.