Thursday, June 19, 2014

Headline Poem 6/19/14 -- In a turbulent storm

A special called The Sixties aired tonight on CNN. Here is tonight's poem 

In a turbulent storm

You called my name
But I let the waves take the sound away 
With the seagulls above 
And the fish below
I wasn't ready
I said no 
The echos were distracting
Was that my voice or ours, or
a combination
Which somehow seems worse (it's better to choose)?
The mermaid multiples and seductive sand
Took a stand finally to reveal a plan. 
Out so 
that both of them can
Swim in the crescent 
Harvest and hidden
Under water land. There is space now for them to see the flesh of each other. 

The eel and the weed of sea 
Rescue thee. Please rescue me. 
She waits 
He waits
In a turbulent storm. For now it is over
Death skipped their door. 
It pours no more. Until it pours again. She's ready. He's sworn in. 
Begin again. Begin again.