Thursday, June 12, 2014

Headline Poem 6/12/14 -- Tattoos & Rosaries

Tonight's poem is based in this BBC story about tattoos --

Tattoos & Rosaries

You have both though
It's clear they are all you've had 
at times 
In your life. Still you climb 
through the rain and vines and salt and limes. 

to the highest degree that 
is right for you 
and me. I see. 
You be you and I'll be me and in the end, we will both win because
Dragons and Shakespeare and Mickey and friends last 
For what could be forever. 

We call each other out and up and 
Fling mud and then sup 
And after all that's said and done, 
in the end,
We have tattoos and rosaries 
to share and didcuss. I like them. 
He smiles 
As we walk. They suit us. 
They suit us just fine.