Friday, June 20, 2014

Headline Poem 6/20/14 -- A warmth like no other

Enjoying a day in the desert. It is 104 degrees. Headline-worthy as far as I'm concerned, but normal for late June. 

A warmth like no other 

As a child, I longed for something other than what I was given. 
Unintentionally, I craved water when I was handed dry soil. 

I hated 
the miserable heat and dead 
of the desert.  
I detested their strength. The roots 
and stems mocked me. 
You are ugly, I'd scream. 

I've learned that the stumps and faces
Unique, sun kissed, groomed by 
Her, our Mother Earth,
are beautiful. 
Like me. I seek. 
Solace in her sleeves. 

I look at them 
through eyes of light. 
Now. Gosh why did it take so long?!

It's me that didn't know how to see 
what the desert sun 
and stillness had to offer. 
Melodies of cactus fruit, sweet, and sticky. She teaches us. 

You can swim in and smile through,
and let them stew like strands of silk. 
In tune with a different, magical view. 
It is inescapable, but I like it.  
Piercing, but I crave it. 

Mountains touch the night sky like sturdy pillars -- 
They'll bend if you need them to. 
They'll crumble when they're ready to. 
     they prefer to protrude north,         reaching upward, 
     brown stalks of serenity, 
  exuding a silent sky.