Monday, June 16, 2014

Headline Poem 6/16/14 -- City Hall Riverside, Ca

Tonight the USA beat Ghana in World Cup pool play. I happened to be downtown while the game was going on, so I missed it, but wrote this based on what I saw. 

City Hall Riverside, Ca 

I rode my bike downtown today,
passed the court house 
and a food truck
thick with smells of hot dogs and grilled onions. 

I watched as families circled and swirled
through jail and bail bond doors 
distracted but 
     Loyal patrons doing their time,
     obeying the electric blue sign 
     that screamed 
     OPEN, come in. 

A woman sat under city hall, 
reclined slightly 
against her bag and jacket, 
and invisible wall. 
Her belongings were stacked and dirty, but neatly placed. 
She was prepared for a disaster, 
an all nighter, or an easy escape. 

She wrote diligently on a piece of paper
decoding her 
most prized possessions. 
Her thoughts. 
I looked over her shoulder, quickly, and intrusively as I rode by. 
Her letters ran together -- 
blue trees and half moons 
without space. 
Jumbled, cramped, and
running out of room. 
Single file, 
like her bottles,
but worth something that

I wanted to read her words. 
I wanted to know if they were words. 
I wanted to sit next to her and ask if she wanted to be heard, 
instead I rode on. 

A couple walked by wearing matching soccer jerseys, 
and I wondered what 
writing woman knew 
Their Game.