Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my all time favorite movies, Parenthood, has an opening scene with a child talking, an amalgam, a blend, or mixture of memories of Gil, 35, looking back over all of the birthdays he spent at the ball park while his dad paid an usher to watch him. He combines all of these into one clear memory. It is genius.

No matter how or why you celebrate Thanksgiving, your views politically on the origin of this holiday, or whether you eat vegan tofurky or the real deal, this is a day to give thanks and to reflect on what it is that we are grateful to have, and maybe not have.

For me, every Thanksgiving is spent at my aunt's house. On this day, I know that I will be reunited with family. I know that the food will be amazing. I know that the decor and arrangement will be beyond beautiful.  I know that there will be stories told, spoken and not. I know that the guests sitting around the table will change.

Marriages begin, marriages end, kids go to college, girlfriends and boyfriends appear, and then sometimes disappear, babies are born, more babies are born, the kid table evolves. Some people come year after year, some pass away never to return, and some decide to spend their holiday elsewhere. Thanksgiving is a perfect day for an amalgam, a chance to combine memories together to see what remains.

Be blessed. Be happy. Be aware. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

10 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask

1. Is teaching a creative process?
2. Is learning a creative process?
3. Do you assign art?
4. Do you create art?
5. Do your students create art?
6. Do your students color art that is already created?
7. Is paint by number art?
8. Does your finished product mean something only to you?
9. Have your students created any of it?
10. Does that matter?