Saturday, May 31, 2014

Headline Poem 5/31/14 -- She's Arrived!

Tonight I read about the beautiful Golden Banner flower blooming in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here is today's poem! 

She's Arrived! 

She shows up every year 
Ready to begin whatever it is she has surpressed since last spring

bright yellow petals and long slender neck
Tantalizing and smooth,
her colors make the others drool. 
They want a picture next to her. 
They want to take 
a piece of her shape,
to try to plant and recreate 
what it is they are seeing. 

Common sense flies with the wind, 
and she is a magnet, coercing them in
like lead from elementary school sandbox pots,
full of dangling, half committed slots. 

High in the Rocky Mountains
they think they've died 
because she's like heaven, 
only they're not dead, 
They may be 
If they're herbivores
In which case, it can't be her 
tender meat that they seek. 

For although 
her aroma intices, 
She is toxic, 
and they must play safe.