Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Headline Poem 6/17/14 -- Songs are for

Hozier (Photo credit Google Image)
Tonight I read this post about music, and for the last few days I've been singing, real deeply, the line, "take me to church" from Hozier's song with the same title. These inspired today's poem.

Songs are for

Songs are for lovin' 
and sharin' and unleashin' mild and
wild vibrations into the 
moist salty sea air
honey bee curves and swerves,
not fightin' the feelin' and smilin'
all while
lettin' moods linger
like invisible hands
rubbin' and twitchin'
like a rock and roll band --
     guitar fingers floatin' a million miles a minute
     all while he reaches, and she quivers
     and sees it.

Songs are for clappin'
for your favorite
team even when they're losin' and makin'
an embarrassing
you remember what was playin'
in the background when it rained
on the day
you decided to stay
behind while he moved
your life to the side. 
It's the music that floats and jiggles
that laughs and triggers, remindin'
us to 
the crazy, tunneled ride
the picture perfect nightstand and
lamp shade that hides
dark and light. 

Songs are for shakin' in your boots
after spending a frightened night
riding (too closely) beside a man
you swore you'd never be able to justify
to them (or him or you).
Stunned within,
the song plays on,
though by now the words
are unclear.
You attempt to make sense of
the noise, and the chords, but then gently
they change
into evening, like the sunset
warm with blood and beatin' and
regurgitatin'. On the camel, she rides.

Pretty soon you're unafraid of the
music that may fade
because no matter how low
and far away from home you go,
tunes for today
and from yesterday
never completely go away...