Thursday, June 26, 2014

Headline Poem 6/26/14 -- Girls with Sisters

Today, there is a New Moon in Cancer, a water sign. This inspired tonight's poem. 

Girls with Sisters

Water is a beautiful mystery to me,
like girls with sisters, 
I can't relate 
to the 
secretive language 
refreshing storms, 
ravishing and manipulative, 
I stare more, 
in awe 
of all that goes on 
in front of and behind 
the cloudy scenes,
I am intrigued 
by the power and magic
of even the smallest stream 
Water and girls with sisters lure me in only to spit me out, 
a private club I know nothing about. 
Like a seaside manor with electric gate, and catching dragonflies and staying up late, 
I watch from afar as the trickles turn to pools, 
fascinated and envious of 
starry night rules.