Monday, June 23, 2014

Headline Poem 6/23/14 -- I said yes

Tsunami warning all along the U.S. Pacific Coast -- here is today's poem. 

I said yes

Your love came to me like a tsunami.
Without a warning. I knew you'd been hit before but figured that was enough,
and I wasn't keeping score. 
I didn't even know how to keep score. This game was so new, and I didn't realize there were so many rules. 

I wasn't worried, and didn't think I should have been. I had no clue I was unprepared. 
I fell deep, but not dangerously. I trusted you. I trusted myself. 
If it had been hard in the beginning, I would not have stayed. I was used to running away, 
but I was meant to stay and so were you. 

Someone pulled us together and tied the knot. Triple tied like at recess so you don't have to stop 
once you've gotten started. 
Tied to last, like forest vines and faces unmasked. 
Three C-Sections later, I'm still tied and so are you. 

Balls and chains look good on me and you. I could have snapped those off a long time ago if my heart was not being guided and my head was not being ignored. 

To leave or not to leave? 
He loves me, he loves me not. 
I hate him, 
yet I stayed. 

For years like a geometrical entity taking shape. It bends. It doesn't break. How the hell did it not break?! 
How the hell 
did we 
not break?!

A woman shared our vows with an audience of abundant numbers almost thirteen years ago. 
We laughed and danced and drank Bud Light and White Zinfandel -- kinda funny looking back. 
I chatted it up with friends and family (many who have since said goodbye). 

We promised 
to love only 
each other,

To be only with one another. 

Then, we hopped in his Blazer and got Del Taco drive through in white dress and tux. 
It's exhausting marrying the man of your dreams. 

There is nothing I regret 
(though I do wish our childhood pranks were not revealed! It must have been the Faith & Tim song and sweet, all you can drink, wine).

Today I'm much older and wiser, I believe. Before I fell, now I catch. 
You and me made promises to keep. 
I said yes. 
I still do.