Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Headline Poem 6/24/14 -- Life

Elizabeth Gilbert's new book The Signature of All Things was released in paperback today. She is promoting it all around the world, and once I finish the eight books I have lined up ahead of this one, I will read it. In the meantime, I reflect on life. 


I want to grow old
with sagging body and forgetful mind. 
I want the dirt of the earth to 
welcome me home. 
I still have tens of thousands of words to read,
signatures to write, 
And miles to explore). 

I know I'm needed. Here. 
In the flesh. 
Where yellow is still yellow, bright and new. Where rainbows appear after a darkened time -- 
colors so bright 
you almost beg again for the storm. 
But. That's not how it works, thank goodness! 

I want to rock wrinkled (one day) on the porch
With a cool drink and mountain view and recall the days of sunburns and stingrays. 

I want to do that with you. 

I want to smile down at my feet, crooked and curved in all kinds of strange ways because 
Ripples are my favorite things. Always have been. 
Ever since I was a kid and 
Way leads on to way... & that today connects to yesterday. Toes are like that in the end. 
Familiar like old friends. 

I want to complete this life with no hunger inside, 
Not starved or lacking of 

I want to see me through a looking glass decorated with beads 
and see
A woman who 
in the best and worst of times hung her head so high
People thought she'd fly 
With airplanes and their wings,
led by a pilot trained in loving rhymes, master balancer of speed and time. 

I sleep knowing 
you know me so well. I wake 
feeling content because I believe 
In eagles and wildflowers and paradises on earth. 

I am lucky because I've been alive since birth.