Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Headline Poem 6/10/14 -- How many dead?

There was another deadly school shooting today in Oregon. Today's poem is based on the tragedy. 

How many dead?

How many dead 
Before we assemble the
Courage to put 
Life ahead of sin
Fullfillment in front of profit
And kindness before revenge

Before we admit defeat and 
     execute   a   plan

To open 
the sack 
of demented rings 
of fire
And stop laughing 
at the sink
And ignoring 
the swim?

The boat. The plane. The windmill. 
All are flying and swirling 
Creating constant commotion and emotion
And devastation and relapse. 
     It must end. 

We must demand things change. 
Because there are
     Too many headlines. 
Of the same. Dead 
at the hand 
of another. 
Get outraged and 
     call on the bluffs. 
It's enough! 

Grass wants to be green, not red. 
We are all tired of red.