Thursday, June 5, 2014

Headline Poem 6/5/14 -- A Calf on Hollow Road

Tonight, I came across a story about a little brown calf on an educational website in Scotland. It inspired today's poem. 

A Calf on Hollow Road

know he is a new calf 
too weak to walk alone
Who only wants a teat to suck
To be nurtured and loved,
But it's growing cold 
and I've got places to go
And I'm afraid if I stay to love him,
He'll die anyway,
and then what? 

I have a farm and a lodge 
and a hay stack ten feet high 
with one less mouth to feed. 
And then there's mine. 
And I'm afraid I won't want to eat. 

So I starve in preparation 
for the day 
he leaves,
knowing  it's a long trek and
he needs me. The earth needs me. 
I'm afraid I'll be unworthy 
by being 
miserable and aggressive 
Hollow and Mean. 

Because I know all he wants is me. 
And content. 
   even if he  
      stays today
And tomorrow, 
  and   the   next,
I'm not sure that's 

The truth is, 
love   is   the 
  that    surrounds