Sunday, June 22, 2014

Headline Poem 6/22/14 -- Serendipity

I read a headline today about a new Smartphone watch being released in Tokyo calked 'Veldt Serendipity.' Here is today's poem. 


Waffles but no syrup, I tighten my pj bottoms 
And head out the door only to
Run into the boy I've longed to 
since he broke up with me
In grade three 
I reach for the bottle, only to find
A note and a number placed neatly behind. Do I call or ignore these digits I see?
It could be a trick, or a thing meant for me. If I call hoping maybe by mistake this will lead 
me to discover something great
Like penicillin, or the microwave or 
Perhaps a word hard to translate. 
Let's see!
I decide not to call,
feeling quite strange. Just then 
I realize the card has a name. It's the name of my first dog, but with a silent E. Seems she's still smiling down on me. 
No-syrup serendipity!