Saturday, May 31, 2014

Headline Poem 5/31/14 -- She's Arrived!

Tonight I read about the beautiful Golden Banner flower blooming in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here is today's poem! 

She's Arrived! 

She shows up every year 
Ready to begin whatever it is she has surpressed since last spring

bright yellow petals and long slender neck
Tantalizing and smooth,
her colors make the others drool. 
They want a picture next to her. 
They want to take 
a piece of her shape,
to try to plant and recreate 
what it is they are seeing. 

Common sense flies with the wind, 
and she is a magnet, coercing them in
like lead from elementary school sandbox pots,
full of dangling, half committed slots. 

High in the Rocky Mountains
they think they've died 
because she's like heaven, 
only they're not dead, 
They may be 
If they're herbivores
In which case, it can't be her 
tender meat that they seek. 

For although 
her aroma intices, 
She is toxic, 
and they must play safe. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Headline Poem 5/30/14 -- In Awe (A poem for Aiden)

Today's poem is dedicated to my oldest son, Aiden. It is slightly inspired by the Scripps Spelling Bee. 

In Awe (A poem for Aiden)

My oldest son Aiden 
rises early with the birds
not to catch the worm, or anything else,
but because his heart is a compass
that steers him through the still dark morning kitchen, 
the subtle creeks in the welcoming floor, his guides, his companions. 

While his brother and sister sleep, 
he eats, 
and reads, and waits. 
He rises because his veins 
and muscles long to be used, 
he rises for himself 
because he has it in him to achieve 
the things he dreams. 

He sets his alarm for five when there is work to be done and knows that in the quiet of 
Dawn he thrives. 
I trust him,
though perhaps he procrastinates, 
I do not worry because to watch him 
balance scholar and athlete,
is to watch 
a becoming man,
A man becoming.  

His hands are thick with determination,
his mind is open
to differences and delights,
he's curious about the Greeks
and the workings of Ancient Rome,
and why some people love and some people hate. 
He is hungry for knowledge, and the healthy foods,
he asks that we use
like a watering can,
bright blue and green,
clean and smooth, 
the earth nourishes him, 
and he does the same. 

He treats his body as a muse,
his mind is a cloud evolving
and floating, each day
full of love, and shapes 
that change,
resembling the animals he adores,
the books he explores, the cars he longs to drive

I am in awe. Completely and fully
Of him 
whose big, wonderful body grew 
inside of me
until it was time
to cut the cord, and feast from mine.

I do for him what he needs, 
for in my eyes,
he is me. 
Courageous, but reluctant. 
Adventurous, but cautious. 
Silly, but serious. 
Explosive, but calm. 
A friend with time. 
A lover of words and discourse.
A believer in eyes, 
like sapphires and coral,
they are the window to the soul 
Sharp and sweet,
he greets 
new challenges with hesitation and frustration, but admiration. 
His strong shoulders hold burdens with grace and ease, 
and like a mountain lion, he cruises this land searching for truth. 

No matter how old, or fractured, or centered, or free, I hope he sees
What I see. 
I hope he sees.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Headline Poem 5/29/14 -- Genuine Distractions

Tonight I read a headline about the health benefits of organic green tea. It got me thinking about fads and fashion, and genuine distractions -- overall meaning well, but perhaps being a bit off base. Here's today's poem. 

Genuine Distractions 

Everyone's talking about 
fashion trends 
And mother hens
       Like there's a difference...
Jolly ol' Saint Nick
Knows how the story goes
Naughty or nice,
Love wins 
where Karma lives. 
The end. 

What's real in a world of 
Walmart grins
And inflated shins?
Bells and whistles make 
laughable songs --
Flashy and haughty 
With no substantial 
in which 
to sing along,
it's all wrong. 

like a brand new hose,
water spouting 
in all the wrong places. 
like a neck that's been turning 
a blind eye far too long
Hey! I know that guy. I taught him to fly
A kite when he was seven. 
       Come on back, come on back. 

I'm not rocking boats
Just to connote 
We've got a problem on our hands, 
But I'll tell you in a world of 
Boiling pots and roasted knots, 
People are confused
across this land. 
Mismatched like laundered
Not hanging on the line. 
What happened to the line?!

It's okay. 
We've got flash mobs and Starbucks cards 
And lots of fake breasts (think about it)
To help us along the way. 

Overall people are small, 
but mighty. 
And wonderful 
and good. 
So when the sun goes down 
And you look around,
make-up free and raw,
Ask yourself -- Who manufactured
this refreshing, organic green tea
that I drink?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Headline Poem 5/28/14 -- How do I as a woman?

Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86. Today's poem is dedicated to her. 

How do I as a woman? 

How do I as a woman
Use words she hasn't already 
to describe the depths of what it means 
to be alive
As a sensual, attentive human being
Who sucks the craters 
of the ocean floor

How do I as a woman 
To love 
To cherish 
To trust
To      interpret the depths 
in spite of   our  faults,
That   run  asleep  like rivers so deep 
Trickling through dark, 
uncharted extremes, 
only to 
    Soaked   and   enlightened
At the back of a handsome stream?

How do I as a woman 
The triskele of femininity 
being virgin, mother, and whore
Answering to everyone, 
yet to no one 

How do I as a woman 
Learn to embrace my sisters 
(and brothers)
Instead of compete with 
For the attention I teach 
my boys and baby girl 
Not to need?

As a woman I rise 
each day 
to the multitudes of the earth, 
Arms outstretched,
and I breathe 
all of you 
and within,
And I say -- dammit if I don't deserve to eat this life up! 

As a woman I sing. 
As a woman I love. 
As a woman I release. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Headline Poem 5/27/14 -- Three Guns, Three Counties

Recently, a small UC, Santa Barbara community was rattled by a lone gunman. As we learn more about the shooter and his victims, there are more questions than answers. Here is today's poem. 

Three Guns, Three Counties

He purchased all three 
And passed the necessary 
To prove he was 
Enough. To own not one, 
but three.
The assumption was made
That he'd 
What the questions may have
He was given 
multiple chances
To play the role of 
competent civilian. 

his family was
Scared to death, 
and a sleepy 
beachside community 
Had no idea 
what was coming. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Headline Poem 5/26/14 -- One Man's War

Today is Memorial Day. Thank you for all of those who have served, are currently serving, and will serve in the future. #weremember #memorialday

One Man's War

He'd sit me down 
every Memorial Day. 
To remind me 
that it was not 
A day for barbecues 
and no school. 
This shit is real, he'd say. 

He'd show me pictures 
of young men, 
Once boys with long hair,
now bears,
Defending God-knows-what 
for God-knows-who. 
They were just like me and you, 
he'd say. 

The faces, tan and leathery,
and jagged, but smooth 
Came through. I could tell
They knew
they were aging
Far too soon. 
Wet from the rain and hot jungle
Their eyes were etched with 
Beauty and promise. 
Some smiled. 
They were good guys, he'd say. 

The people wanted freedom, 
but they spit on me 
when I came home. 
They cursed the very shoes 
I wore 
to carry the blood 
of my brothers. 
Freedom isn't free, he'd say. 

When he returned home
to New York in 1969, 
his mother knew
she'd have to walk a fine line
of fragile shells 
And patient wires
because he was 
angry that he had,
and they hadn't.  

Do not let the TV men glamorize this for you,
he'd say. 

Before falling asleep on those 
Long afternoons in May,
I thought of bears and boyhood
And bravery 
And youth,
And plastic Santas on top 
of a foreign roof, 
symbols for strangers 
Celebrating birth. 

Some came home to celebrate their own. 
For those who didn't,
Fallen, but not alone,
We remember 
and we mourn. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Headline Poem 5/25/14 -- Shoe Test

Today I saw this Shoe comic, and wrote this poem. 

Shoe Test 

I leave my shoes 
Intentionally scattered
At the bottom of the stairs
Just to test 
How much 
you've changed. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Headline Poem 5/24/14 -- Rolling Stones and Donut Holes

Today is Bob Dylan's birthday. Cheers! 

Rolling Stones and Donut Holes

Reckless misfortune 
can alter us
one at a time,
but like rolling stones 
and donut holes, 
we are not alone. 

We hail from bigger
end up together 

Sometimes at the bottom 
of the way 
inside canyon walls 
that seem too tall
   to reach or climb out of
     without a ladder 
to the top 

of the rusted tin roof
built with admiration and solid truth

Sturdy and sun-kissed,
the mounds circle
Ruffled and roused 
Around and around
Dipped and slick 
wind swept feather
Ready to guide us home
to the place 
Rolling Stones and donut holes 
go to feel whole. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Headline Poem 5/23/14 -- What separates me from you now?

May is National Sewing Month! Here is today's headline poem. 

What separates me from you now?

Is a fine line 
On the end of a thimble
My grandma used while threading
A needle through
The buttons she kept in my mother's old
That is now ours to use
When we come to visit
Her house 
Like a seashell 
Smooth and molded into
A better version of itself 
With the same lampshades 
And shelves 
Like eyes to see what might have been missed
And bedside manners
Like a mermaid's key that unlocks
The gate that hasn't been open in years
Because all of this wonderful 
Paint by number art 
means more now
That she isn't around. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Headline Poem 5/22/14 -- Awake

(Photo credit Google Image) 
Today's poem is based on this headline about how eating grapefruit may ease lung disease conditions.


Like a splash of grapefruit before 5:00 a.m.,
You make me pucker in a way
I don't recall
Ever doing before. 
I'm on to you,
Though I know you're good,
You make me question 
why I'm out of bed,
Enjoying you with a serving of 
toasted bread instead
Of peaceful slumber
That is easier on the mind 
And mouth,
But no where near as refreshing. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Headline Poem 5/21/14 -- Reflections from a Bench

(Photo credit Google Image) 
Tonight I read that Disneyland is overcrowded and has two choices: raise prices or expand. I thought about Disneyland, and how much I enjoy watching the people while I'm there. I reflected, and then wrote this... a poem loosely based on this headline. 

Reflections from a Bench 

Because I love you 
I will keep you safe
And agree to attempt to fall for 
The new man you have become,
the one who drinks warm tea and honey 
And mends his own heart with books and conversations about his youth 
and the women who broke his heart 
while he stayed patient and faithful. 

Until, with me, you broke and the pieces flew in all different directions,
While I gladly watched the wind that blew,
accepting that I could not fix the mess alone (if I wanted to), 
and resented that you'd even ask,
But really, all you wanted was to feel love and connection from the woman who promised 
never to push you away,
And really, all I wanted was the same. 

On the day I started to leave, and you decided to stray, 
the tiny compasses drawn on the palms of both of our hands were erased and lost. 
Kisses made their way to others, 
Circling where they could not see, 
Because it was dark and spiraling downward
And a place they should not have been. 

Now though, as I sit and think, 
I realize in an odd way,
It's a beautiful thing. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Headline Poem 5/20/14 -- Your Own Stories

Cuento Cup (Photo credit Joseph Rios, found on Michele Serros's Facebook page)
Chipotle has a new literary promotion going on called 'Cultivating Thought.' The problem is, being a Mexican Grill, they failed to include any latino/a voices in this initial campaign. Michele Serros, author of Chicana Falsa, is not happy, and she is not alone. Here is the LA Times headline that inspired tonight's poem. To show that we really all have a story to tell, Berkeley based restaurant Flacos, is handing out blank cups and pens to customers so that they can write and share their own. Cheers to Michele and Flacos and all of those who contribute and cultivate in this crazy world of ours.

Your Own Stories

My grandfather rolled rice
of his own
mixed with zucchini
and lemon and allspice
and memories of home
     slapped in the face for what
     he might have done wrong,
it took time to crack the code
and produce seeds and vines
and long, hungry lines

But, like baklava
and sweetened honey,
and rocks
and borrowed money,
his stories fell from bigger
places where they
and cultivated
and congregated
together --
stretching and reaching
toward an illusive sun

you can't admire the beauty
and ignore your own
or daughter
hello, I know you're there!
One by one,
they denied the bribe with false

we had full intentions
of including you

     next time,

once things took off, and became a
little more
we were going to let you in
to the viewing room
to spy and stare
echo and share
your own stories

but first we had to get
the people to stick
like stolen, rotten syrup,
blank, on the plate,
damn you are too late
why did you wait?!

that's what happens
when you're hungry,
for the cash
and the flash
and the unlucky dine and dash

you don't mind
that you forgot
and left behind
your own kind

Are you sorry yet? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Headline Poem 5/19/14 -- eyes on the sea

Puffin (Photo credit Danny Green) 
Today's poem is inspired by this headline about the Puffin bird.

eyes on the sea

i must keep my eyes
on the sea
in case i need to slip
away unexpectedly
like a
red flame
in the face of uncertainty

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Headline Poem 5/18/14 -- Chandelier Tree

Chandelier Tree (Photo credit Google Image) 
Tonight, I read this great piece about the California Redwoods. If you know me, you know these trees bring me great peace and balance. This poem is about the 2,400 year old Chandelier Tree, which is where, according to the article, the author's road trip companion was conceived.

Chandelier Tree

Among the canopy
of green
and moist tendrils
she waits for him
to notice
her heart
prepared to
lend it to him
under the new moon
once she is
that her beloved offers
an endless dawn
of pink and silver,

she decides to
let him
make her smile
even though
she is afraid
and he
     is   only   a   boy
who promises
to protect her
like Chandelier Tree
when rain and fog
the night sky

she believes him
who could exist
limbs of beauty
and bark so wise
not tell the truth?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Headline Poem 5/17/14 -- It's Easy When

Today's poem was inspired by a story about leadership. 

It's Easy When 

It's easy to lead with love 
instead of fear 
when things are high and tight 
and you're sitting upright 
in a soft, fluffy chair 
looking down on those hurting 
while you're feeling 
just fine. 

Reality is when you can 
take on the role of model 
from the ground up, 
showing others that 
grace is stronger than disparity, 
and that even though you're tired, 
out of room, and not in the mood to entertain, 
you are somewhat glad that chaos and anger stopped by for a visit. 

True love begins when 
you connect with compassion and kindness during times of feeling everything but smooth, used, 
and must
learn to be genuine 
with yourself,
able to sit peacefully on the floor 
because being centered and awake begins within
it's easy when... 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Headline Poem 5/16/14 -- Alligator Bites

(Photo credit Google Image) 
I read this headline today about a photographer who took a picture of a model and an alligator taking a bite of an alligator purse. You can imagine the various reactions. For me, I thought about the alligator being manipulated on film for simply biting what was put in its way.

Alligator Bites

There are fewer traces
of her than before.
Alligator bites with deadly,
teeth are only a threat
if you get too close
and attempt
to invade and penetrate
her space
(or share your purse in a rat race).

She will hurt you
if you
put yourself in the water
with her,
if you
search for her,
if you
attempt to uncover
her madness,
and her desire to eat
your flesh.

She doesn't want that,
but she will
you act like a duck
or deer
or a mossy-bottom lake
she may, by mistake,
treat you as the
occasional, replaceable
golf ball she
for fun because
she is bored and
it is there.

Back away and
do your
own thing,
she may eat your pet,
or swing your baby doll
like bacon on a hot stove,
but she won't get you
because she can't.

You are quick
and in-tune,
she will
in you

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Headline Poem 5/15/14 -- Dance of the Dandelion

(Photo credit Google Image) 

I read this post tonight about dandelion flowers. I am not sure if it is a headline from today, as it does not seem to be dated, but it is spring (although it feels like summer), and a poem about a strong flower that thrives felt right tonight. Cheers!

Dance of the Dandelion

These steps I take
Like shooting stars
Soaring upward
Climbing onward
Swaying freely
Toward the sky
You take with me
For I am composed
of hundreds
Of smaller florets
Who believe in me,
Who work with me,
Who connect with me,
Who smile and sulk with me.
Some see only edible lion teeth,
Some see only weeds,
able to be eradicated
and taken away.
It truly is a sight to see
me grow
Where others know
they could never
In the wildest of places,
I flourish and thrive.
Stop and sit
on bended knee
and see what I see.
Dance with me. 
Dance with me. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Headline Poem 5/14/14 -- Moons Like Magic

Art by Audrey Von Hawley (Photo credit Mystic Mama)
Tonight there is a full moon in Scorpio. Here is a post about the moon which inspired today's headline poem.

Moons Like Magic

Moons like magic
with cinnamon and sugar,
Craters from a majestic old lake,
like treasures
finds in the dark,
they wait for you.

Curves like old friends,
familiar, foreign, but not forgotten
are those who wind up their internal clocks
to repeat,
Wanted or not. They show.
Predictable and sweet.

They embrace and surrender to thee,
Full moon in Scorpio times three.
They believe in the depths of the ring
and the light, and the masterful
core and delight,
In cleaning of wounds rather than scrubbing them.

The healing stage hurts the most,
Before the edges become smooth
and the angles roast,
Calmly caressing the contents of your
valleys and peaks,
alleyways and caves,
cool waves and heat.

They meet. She greets.
Love is released.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Headline Poem 5/13/14 -- Selling Nightmares

Swiss artist H.R. Giger (Photo credit NPR)
Artist H.R. Giger has died. Here is the headline from NPR which inspired today's poem.

Selling Nightmares

You've tripped and fallen
Underneath your art 
which shrouded 
And suffocated, 
while you shared and sold
images and fantasies
documented on a notepad
next to your bed 
through fingers separated from shear 
terror and dread

Dali inspired dreams
hesitant to transpire within
or without your mind
in the hour
of mice and men and hay and wheat
and coolers and creatures
and skulls and unrest

Crazy are the ones who

understood the madness,
grateful they were not alone,
appreciative to listen
their own screams
mixed with yours
alive through the surreal and decay
merging sex, technology, and legends of the day

You were a kind man, falsely judged 

by your
dark existence and alien jugs, 
marking mishaps of man and machine,
wicked handprints on the zebra's back
makes safari animals out of masks 
and cantaloupes
And dripping seeds 
Envelopes and darkness become serene

Men and women line up to purchase 
And receive 
someone else's nightmares, 
because they cannot get enough,
and for a moment it makes them forget 

In she walks with a nobler idea...
Get rid of them altogether! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Headline Poem 5/12/14 -- Hang on to your hope!

(Photo credit Google Image) 
I read this tonight -- a quote and letter from E.B. White, and although it is not necessarily a headline, I'm inspired by it, and, so, here is today's poem.

Hang on to your hope!

I am getting good at detecting the hollow eyes
and crooked smile,
leaning, because if you are broken, you cannot be
without the downward turn
watches checked, phone confirmed
how many marriages have unwanted guests
lurking or invited to observe and request
the maze of sunshiny days and the darkness of
hours before full moons
how often did he linger before he came to you?
In spite of the foreign regions and unconfirmed invitations
sent without hesitation, there is hope that
in the circle of things, wet with sweat and mystified by
foggy dreams, something with ribbons and steal feet and wings
waits for you with open heart, and says,
come fly with us when you are ready,
for lucky are those who get knocked down, rattled to the toes, and
get up, battered, and limping, to continue the fight, to believe in the cause
to smile at the sunset because tomorrow is another day
and we are worth it!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Headline Poem 5/11/14 -- Mother May I?

Just a little Mother's Day poem for today. :)

Mother May I? 

Don't spin that bottle
But you can dance all day
Flipping a coin might be okay
Always look left, and then right, and then left again
Smile at your neighbor
Trust yourself and genuine friends
Truth or dare? Just be ready 
To fight or flight what appears
Red light 
Green light
No Bloody Mary in the mirrors 
Help an old lady across the street
Ask whether you should stay or go
Listen to the answer
Even when it's no
Freeze! Unfreeze!
Impossible, I love you more. 
Mother may I?
Yes you may -- gotcha!
Simon didn't say. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Headline Poem 5/10/14 -- Oak Creek Canyon

Today there are high winds in Sedona, Arizona. I read about this wind, as well as this headline about Laura Tohe, the daughter of a Navajo code talker. These inspired today's poem.

Oak Creek Canyon

Fields of purple and yellow,
like the chin of a wise woman
you read about in books
crystals and sage,
and organic yellow pears
fill her cloth bag,
oh how different it all is now

Skin dark, covered in lines
that swirl,
coffee and cream
Her roots run as deep as the juniper tree
Her eyelids glisten
while she walks beside the water,
beside the dream.
How lucky she is to be
awake for the whole thing!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Headline Poem 5/9/14 -- Anvil Rock Road

(Photo credit Google Image) 
I read this Arizona headline today about the community of Avondale. The mayor has unveiled a new logo which represents the desire to embrace harmony, diversity, and moving forward. This combination inspired today's poem. 

Anvil Rock Road

Songs surprise me now

I sing along, but the words are scuffed

And changed

and sad where they were once happy

And happy where they were once sad

She creeps in.

Sometimes I scream

To please leave,

Other times, I let her linger

Just above the clouds

and the ridge line

Until I'm ready to release

If I'm ready

In between tears and touch

My heart races

And retreats,

But on it beats,

on it beats

Thank God

It beats

I'm leaving some of her here

among the rocks and trees

because they'll know what to do

with her

more than I.

And I'm growing tired of her.

Tired but grateful

For the part that hovers

The sway and swallow

The revelations

and extremes

Today we found some

ground that was common

Inside our hurt and pain

And false walls and anger

And betrayal and shame

And parents, our own

The cycle of broken

Stops here

On Anvil Rock Road

A dark bird flew

While the wind blew

And cows mooed

And in that warm Arizona sun,

I left a piece of you.

For that one moment,

I was restless no more.

I smiled and cried,

I stopped keeping score.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Headline Poem 5/8/14 -- Laughter

Lady laughing (Photo credit Google Image)

Here is today's headline poem about laughter, the best medicine.


Some snort or hold their breaths
Some fear they'll rumble and start to confess
The bursts that lurk under the surface may rise,
coming out like a cannon when you 
Eat or exercise,
It can happen at any moment, 
in an alley or on a train
It's okay to let go of 
what the rest of us know,
when you release laughter,
you give up control. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Headline Poem 5/7/14 -- Thou mayest

(Photo credit Google Image)
I read this headline about Mumford and Sons. I thought of their song "Timshel,"  which led me to John Steinbeck's novel East of Eden, and the meaning of "Thou Mayest." In this life, we can choose. (Special tributes to JD for helping me surrender and EB for reminding me I'm not alone).

Thou mayest

today i

to the universe
to asking for help
to accepting it when it comes
to white light and love
to healing
to angels
to demons
to all of the above
to brothers and sisters
to not going it alone
to hearing whispers
to smiling at black crows
to a long time coming 
to what I'll never know
to timshel and thieves
to climbing mountains
 instead  of  moving   them
to doorsteps
to choice

I am me, and
I mayest. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Headline Poem 5/6/14 -- Bring Back Our Girls #BringBackOurGirls

(Photo credit Google Image)
I've been reading about this horrible story of the 234 Nigerian girls ages 12-17 taken from their school a few weeks ago. They may have been sold as brides for $12 each, but no one knows. Here is a link with three ways to help, and here is today's headline poem.

Bring Back Our Girls

Already away from home
To obtain an education
To create less frustration
To contribute to a nation

Girls with books are dangerous
They learn to think for themselves
To try to change the degeneration
Of tormented generations
With smiles and love

Echos of skipping fill the halls
When the devil and his sons
break down the walls
Screams and scratching
flesh and blood
red ants of fire take them
one by one

Distinct adventures
Unique looks
Seeking knowledge 
As a gift 
White lights
Open hearts
Stories they love


From their grounds


Like wild suckling babies


Too early on their own

Kidnapped and
Into a nightmare
without any 
Hearts yearn for answers

Help us find our daughters and sisters!
Eyes of brown, skin of salt, 
we see you even though it's dark!
We vow to find you! 
We will not forget you!
We will not let you disappear
into the air like a storm that's run its course! 

Hell no,
We will not let you go
unseen to the in between!

Please God, send faith and love.
Please God, grant serenity from above.
Please God, make those evil men pay.
Please God, stop raping them today.

Bring back our girls,
like property,
and keep them

Monday, May 5, 2014

Headline Poem 5/5/14 -- In Your Eyes

Motherhood (Photo credit Google Image)

I read this interesting headline tonight about motherhood awards in India. It made me think of my own children, and how they see me through their eyes, and what I see in theirs. 

In Your Eyes

In your eyes 
Of sweet blue 
I see my heart 
And truth. Hope lives
Inside your wide
Your laughter and pain
I stare into them 
Melt. Away. 
My job is honorable and
I smile because in your eyes
I am mom.
You deserve to feel me 
In your eyes, 
I am 
Pure Love. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Headline Poem 5/4/14 -- On her shoulder

Little bird (Photo credit Pinterest)
I came across this website today about all things birds. It inspired today's poem. 

On her shoulder

A bird
Free now,
on her shoulder
In love. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Headline Poem 5/3/14 -- We Call Society

I have learned a lot about society throughout the writing-a-poem-a-day process. Most headlines, as you know, are sad, negative, and uninspiring. I have to search hard to find ones that enlighten, connect, and build us up. They are there. People want them, but they get lost in the other "stuff" that creates fear, and tears people apart, and that disconnects. Today's poem is inspired by  headlines and news as a whole, and a reminder that we owe it go ourselves and each other to take a step back and simplify and balance. 

We Call Society

We have billboards with naked women
That tempt you while you drive
And websites for
Married people who want to cheat and hide
We are told food will fill us up,
And once we're good and fat,
We are told we need a surgery to lose the weight and fast
Then prescription drugs and alcohol
To mask the pain 
church memberships are on the rise
with plenty to gain
From messages of hope and rebirth
You've sinned and you're welcome here
Come in
Come in
To sit with partners and call them brothers and sisters
Here's a shrink to discuss your woes
And recall the moments of curled toes
Where you cry that you're sorry
And look down when you're done
To your phone,
The enemy, the party of one 
Where you play games and watch videos with strangers 
Only to
then go home at night
To lock your door 
and set your alarm
Because in all of this craziness
You don't feel safe,
And want to be armed 
Free to protect your property and such
As fate may have it that one night
You'll have no such luck
Fear may knock on the door 
And your life will change
Family will visit through glass 
once a week
If you're lucky,
You'll be released,
A felony will get you no where
You'll go back to the drink
And the lonely
And the rage
And before you know it
You're stuck in a cage 
We call society 
We call society 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Headline Poem 5/2/14 -- Friday Night

Lots of headlines are swirling, and I can't bring myself to care or focus on any of them. I'm surrounded by magazines while under the hair dryer, and I'm waiting. This is my Friday night. 

Friday Night

I sit in the chair
Not ready to share
But I prepare 
Just in case 
It shows up
In my stare 
I'm trying to live 
In the present moment 
But the past 
Was not that long ago
And you've been lying. 

Headline Poem 5/1/14 -- Wind and Wildfires

This week in Southern California, there are strong winds and wildfires, not a good combination. They inspired today's headline poem. 

Wind and Wildfires

Sharp and sweet and hot, 
destined to meet. 
They move quickly. 
They spin around. 
They unravel. 
They pick up speed. 

Fingers bleed from mistaken steps. 
Wind and wildfires are a 
deadly combination. 
Often, there's no end 
in sight. 
It takes an intervention. 
It takes a hose 
of gold 
to tighten up the reins. 

Wind and wildfires 
are out of control. 
They're messy and aggressive and selfish and 
Before you know it, 
turn you to dust. 
To dust. 

But when they stop, and things are calmer than they've ever been, 
you see the damage, 
and you assess 
what's been lost,
and what's worth salvaging. 
You take a walk. 
You feel a spark. 
You're not sure it's safe. 
It's never safe, 
so just in case, 
You cross your fingers behind your back and beg 
(this time) that it lasts. 

You wonder if you have it in you to rebuild. 
It might be easier to start anew. 
After both die down, 
you'll still be afraid 
to light a candle, 
for fear of burning up, 
but you must (you tell yourself). 

For if you live in fear of wildfires and wind, you'll never truly live.