Sunday, June 29, 2014

Headline Poem 6/29/14 -- Reminiscing

I read a post today about reminiscing about the past. That inspired today's poem. 


Of the days gone South 
remind you only of what you are without. 

There is nothing like living and learning, that's for certain,
but if you stay back in the seat of lies and dreadful stories and lacks of compromise,
You will lose your current self and give up any hope 
of rebuilding the shelf 
that is willing to store 
     the books,
     and carry 
     the weight. 

Walk forward and stand up straight. 
It's okay to stop to catch your breath, 

if the motion contorts and forces your neck 
to stretch 
to the side that hurts the most, 
     Talk to it, listen to it, and then      respectfully ignore it (Or ask it to kindly F itself). 

Your current self deserves your time. 
Your self today did no crime. 
Live without exception 
and worrying about dots unconnected. 

The truth is, no one's (dots) are. 
Connected perfectly. 
They want what you want and you want what they want 
And if you talked about it, you'd see, 
Everyone's giving and everyone needs 
to feel 
and laugh 
and run 
and play 
Drink milk and eat Oreos and sing in the rain. We all deserve today. 
We deserve us. We deserve dried fruit and neon stuff. We deserve to listen to music about me and you 
where the lyrics remind us of the ones we are and were. 

Reminisce to the words you write yourself. It sucks ass to know you have the power sometimes,
But you do. And just as your mother (or third grade teacher) would say -- finish one thing before you start another. 

So fly your alien invaded spaceship up into the sky, sit down and smile and stop asking why. 
You're here now 
     and      alive. 
You lucky bitch. You deserve it. 
It's awesome. 
Embrace all good shit!