Saturday, June 28, 2014

Headline Poem 6/28/14 -- Like a Girl

The Always maxi pad campaign is really taking off by aiming to make doing anything #likeagirl a positive, especially during puberty when young girls are susceptible to not being proud of being themselves. Here is the headline and tonight's poem.

Like a Girl

When you ask me to run like a girl and then watch me toss my fluffy hands in the dramatic air
without purpose, and 
without poise,
you are asking me to deny my strength and to superficially take up space. 

I know I am strong and can fight and jump and hit like a girl, and that what that looks like is beauty, not fake. 
It means 
arms sturdy, 
accomplishment in my eyes, 
it means the ability to not deny the intensity and determination that lives inside.  

I've been 
Doing these 
Incredibly and with agility since I first learned to stretch out my body 
and move. 

Do not mock or mimic or minimize my truth by making doing anything #likeagirl a joke or spoof. 
I roar. I shine. I am me, and I will continue to be proud to live and love
Like a Girl!