Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Headline Poem 6/11/14 -- The Thirty-Seventh Tuesday

A couple of things inspired today's poem: there are plenty of graduation headlines, and as the school year ends for me, I reflect on my teaching and learning journey. It's time for new beginnings and new paths. It's also time to say thank you for those who have traveled the same road as me, directly and indirectly, even if temporarily.  

The Thirty-Seventh Tuesday

A year of lessons and discussions 
led to the final exam,
though the tests are never done. 
It's time for graduation 
And for me to go 
in a different direction, changed 
yet the same. 

I appreciate the growth,
and the time it took
To influence me with
piles of notes and books

     knowledge has a way of seeping in
     to the skin
     of those who let it

It is impossible to learn and not teach
And to teach and not learn
This I know -- 
none of it makes much sense
unless we can live it. 

So I do
And see
it's possible 
To be 
compassionate and alive 
at the same time 

For that
I tip my hat,
say thank you, 
and whisper, okay, then...