Monday, June 2, 2014

Headline Poem 6/2/14 -- June Choices

(Photo credit Mystic mamma)
I read this today about how the theme for June 2014 is CHOICE. A few things resonated with me. Particularly: "Every challenge that is brought on by a choice that is not yours can turn into a choice that is yours."

June Choices

Songs fueled by sorrow will be waiting tomorrow,
and the day after that. 
They are patient. They don't mind.
They weren't written to be sung 
every day. Even they need a break, 
a change of scene, lyrics fresh and clean. 

In June I choose to sing along to a different tune. 
Their choices chose me. 
I understand that. Shockingly, 
I welcome it. Today, (It's fair to ask me in a week) and all the way through to thirty. 

Victims and martyrs stir in the hollow bottoms of gin and tonics, lined up in a row,
and in the chopped and graying hair swept off the barber shop floor.
Those songs count.
Those songs matter.
They make men and women gather, and rally, and weep.
For June, my choices I must keep. 

Compassion. I choose you. 
You alone can cure a broken heart, 
and there is nothing more promising than not 
aiming to break 
an already broken 
one (even his).

Maybe we do hurt the ones we love the most, a common melody. 
Running south down the interstate, afraid to turn around, knowing it will ease our load -- but June bellows, go!
June says yes.

Nothing hurts like nobody tryin'
Nothing hurts like nobody tryin'

The sixth month is for choice. 
Maybe it's all I can stand
to choose auspicious corridors 
And Kyanite bands.