Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Headline Poem 5/28/14 -- How do I as a woman?

Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86. Today's poem is dedicated to her. 

How do I as a woman? 

How do I as a woman
Use words she hasn't already 
to describe the depths of what it means 
to be alive
As a sensual, attentive human being
Who sucks the craters 
of the ocean floor

How do I as a woman 
To love 
To cherish 
To trust
To      interpret the depths 
in spite of   our  faults,
That   run  asleep  like rivers so deep 
Trickling through dark, 
uncharted extremes, 
only to 
    Soaked   and   enlightened
At the back of a handsome stream?

How do I as a woman 
The triskele of femininity 
being virgin, mother, and whore
Answering to everyone, 
yet to no one 

How do I as a woman 
Learn to embrace my sisters 
(and brothers)
Instead of compete with 
For the attention I teach 
my boys and baby girl 
Not to need?

As a woman I rise 
each day 
to the multitudes of the earth, 
Arms outstretched,
and I breathe 
all of you 
and within,
And I say -- dammit if I don't deserve to eat this life up! 

As a woman I sing. 
As a woman I love. 
As a woman I release.