Thursday, May 15, 2014

Headline Poem 5/15/14 -- Dance of the Dandelion

(Photo credit Google Image) 

I read this post tonight about dandelion flowers. I am not sure if it is a headline from today, as it does not seem to be dated, but it is spring (although it feels like summer), and a poem about a strong flower that thrives felt right tonight. Cheers!

Dance of the Dandelion

These steps I take
Like shooting stars
Soaring upward
Climbing onward
Swaying freely
Toward the sky
You take with me
For I am composed
of hundreds
Of smaller florets
Who believe in me,
Who work with me,
Who connect with me,
Who smile and sulk with me.
Some see only edible lion teeth,
Some see only weeds,
able to be eradicated
and taken away.
It truly is a sight to see
me grow
Where others know
they could never
In the wildest of places,
I flourish and thrive.
Stop and sit
on bended knee
and see what I see.
Dance with me. 
Dance with me.