Friday, May 23, 2014

Headline Poem 5/23/14 -- What separates me from you now?

May is National Sewing Month! Here is today's headline poem. 

What separates me from you now?

Is a fine line 
On the end of a thimble
My grandma used while threading
A needle through
The buttons she kept in my mother's old
That is now ours to use
When we come to visit
Her house 
Like a seashell 
Smooth and molded into
A better version of itself 
With the same lampshades 
And shelves 
Like eyes to see what might have been missed
And bedside manners
Like a mermaid's key that unlocks
The gate that hasn't been open in years
Because all of this wonderful 
Paint by number art 
means more now
That she isn't around.