Thursday, May 29, 2014

Headline Poem 5/29/14 -- Genuine Distractions

Tonight I read a headline about the health benefits of organic green tea. It got me thinking about fads and fashion, and genuine distractions -- overall meaning well, but perhaps being a bit off base. Here's today's poem. 

Genuine Distractions 

Everyone's talking about 
fashion trends 
And mother hens
       Like there's a difference...
Jolly ol' Saint Nick
Knows how the story goes
Naughty or nice,
Love wins 
where Karma lives. 
The end. 

What's real in a world of 
Walmart grins
And inflated shins?
Bells and whistles make 
laughable songs --
Flashy and haughty 
With no substantial 
in which 
to sing along,
it's all wrong. 

like a brand new hose,
water spouting 
in all the wrong places. 
like a neck that's been turning 
a blind eye far too long
Hey! I know that guy. I taught him to fly
A kite when he was seven. 
       Come on back, come on back. 

I'm not rocking boats
Just to connote 
We've got a problem on our hands, 
But I'll tell you in a world of 
Boiling pots and roasted knots, 
People are confused
across this land. 
Mismatched like laundered
Not hanging on the line. 
What happened to the line?!

It's okay. 
We've got flash mobs and Starbucks cards 
And lots of fake breasts (think about it)
To help us along the way. 

Overall people are small, 
but mighty. 
And wonderful 
and good. 
So when the sun goes down 
And you look around,
make-up free and raw,
Ask yourself -- Who manufactured
this refreshing, organic green tea
that I drink?