Monday, May 12, 2014

Headline Poem 5/12/14 -- Hang on to your hope!

(Photo credit Google Image) 
I read this tonight -- a quote and letter from E.B. White, and although it is not necessarily a headline, I'm inspired by it, and, so, here is today's poem.

Hang on to your hope!

I am getting good at detecting the hollow eyes
and crooked smile,
leaning, because if you are broken, you cannot be
without the downward turn
watches checked, phone confirmed
how many marriages have unwanted guests
lurking or invited to observe and request
the maze of sunshiny days and the darkness of
hours before full moons
how often did he linger before he came to you?
In spite of the foreign regions and unconfirmed invitations
sent without hesitation, there is hope that
in the circle of things, wet with sweat and mystified by
foggy dreams, something with ribbons and steal feet and wings
waits for you with open heart, and says,
come fly with us when you are ready,
for lucky are those who get knocked down, rattled to the toes, and
get up, battered, and limping, to continue the fight, to believe in the cause
to smile at the sunset because tomorrow is another day
and we are worth it!