Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Headline Poem 5/21/14 -- Reflections from a Bench

(Photo credit Google Image) 
Tonight I read that Disneyland is overcrowded and has two choices: raise prices or expand. I thought about Disneyland, and how much I enjoy watching the people while I'm there. I reflected, and then wrote this... a poem loosely based on this headline. 

Reflections from a Bench 

Because I love you 
I will keep you safe
And agree to attempt to fall for 
The new man you have become,
the one who drinks warm tea and honey 
And mends his own heart with books and conversations about his youth 
and the women who broke his heart 
while he stayed patient and faithful. 

Until, with me, you broke and the pieces flew in all different directions,
While I gladly watched the wind that blew,
accepting that I could not fix the mess alone (if I wanted to), 
and resented that you'd even ask,
But really, all you wanted was to feel love and connection from the woman who promised 
never to push you away,
And really, all I wanted was the same. 

On the day I started to leave, and you decided to stray, 
the tiny compasses drawn on the palms of both of our hands were erased and lost. 
Kisses made their way to others, 
Circling where they could not see, 
Because it was dark and spiraling downward
And a place they should not have been. 

Now though, as I sit and think, 
I realize in an odd way,
It's a beautiful thing.