Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Headline Poem 5/6/14 -- Bring Back Our Girls #BringBackOurGirls

(Photo credit Google Image)
I've been reading about this horrible story of the 234 Nigerian girls ages 12-17 taken from their school a few weeks ago. They may have been sold as brides for $12 each, but no one knows. Here is a link with three ways to help, and here is today's headline poem.

Bring Back Our Girls

Already away from home
To obtain an education
To create less frustration
To contribute to a nation

Girls with books are dangerous
They learn to think for themselves
To try to change the degeneration
Of tormented generations
With smiles and love

Echos of skipping fill the halls
When the devil and his sons
break down the walls
Screams and scratching
flesh and blood
red ants of fire take them
one by one

Distinct adventures
Unique looks
Seeking knowledge 
As a gift 
White lights
Open hearts
Stories they love


From their grounds


Like wild suckling babies


Too early on their own

Kidnapped and
Into a nightmare
without any 
Hearts yearn for answers

Help us find our daughters and sisters!
Eyes of brown, skin of salt, 
we see you even though it's dark!
We vow to find you! 
We will not forget you!
We will not let you disappear
into the air like a storm that's run its course! 

Hell no,
We will not let you go
unseen to the in between!

Please God, send faith and love.
Please God, grant serenity from above.
Please God, make those evil men pay.
Please God, stop raping them today.

Bring back our girls,
like property,
and keep them