Sunday, May 18, 2014

Headline Poem 5/18/14 -- Chandelier Tree

Chandelier Tree (Photo credit Google Image) 
Tonight, I read this great piece about the California Redwoods. If you know me, you know these trees bring me great peace and balance. This poem is about the 2,400 year old Chandelier Tree, which is where, according to the article, the author's road trip companion was conceived.

Chandelier Tree

Among the canopy
of green
and moist tendrils
she waits for him
to notice
her heart
prepared to
lend it to him
under the new moon
once she is
that her beloved offers
an endless dawn
of pink and silver,

she decides to
let him
make her smile
even though
she is afraid
and he
     is   only   a   boy
who promises
to protect her
like Chandelier Tree
when rain and fog
the night sky

she believes him
who could exist
limbs of beauty
and bark so wise
not tell the truth?