Saturday, May 17, 2014

Headline Poem 5/17/14 -- It's Easy When

Today's poem was inspired by a story about leadership. 

It's Easy When 

It's easy to lead with love 
instead of fear 
when things are high and tight 
and you're sitting upright 
in a soft, fluffy chair 
looking down on those hurting 
while you're feeling 
just fine. 

Reality is when you can 
take on the role of model 
from the ground up, 
showing others that 
grace is stronger than disparity, 
and that even though you're tired, 
out of room, and not in the mood to entertain, 
you are somewhat glad that chaos and anger stopped by for a visit. 

True love begins when 
you connect with compassion and kindness during times of feeling everything but smooth, used, 
and must
learn to be genuine 
with yourself,
able to sit peacefully on the floor 
because being centered and awake begins within
it's easy when...