Friday, May 9, 2014

Headline Poem 5/9/14 -- Anvil Rock Road

(Photo credit Google Image) 
I read this Arizona headline today about the community of Avondale. The mayor has unveiled a new logo which represents the desire to embrace harmony, diversity, and moving forward. This combination inspired today's poem. 

Anvil Rock Road

Songs surprise me now

I sing along, but the words are scuffed

And changed

and sad where they were once happy

And happy where they were once sad

She creeps in.

Sometimes I scream

To please leave,

Other times, I let her linger

Just above the clouds

and the ridge line

Until I'm ready to release

If I'm ready

In between tears and touch

My heart races

And retreats,

But on it beats,

on it beats

Thank God

It beats

I'm leaving some of her here

among the rocks and trees

because they'll know what to do

with her

more than I.

And I'm growing tired of her.

Tired but grateful

For the part that hovers

The sway and swallow

The revelations

and extremes

Today we found some

ground that was common

Inside our hurt and pain

And false walls and anger

And betrayal and shame

And parents, our own

The cycle of broken

Stops here

On Anvil Rock Road

A dark bird flew

While the wind blew

And cows mooed

And in that warm Arizona sun,

I left a piece of you.

For that one moment,

I was restless no more.

I smiled and cried,

I stopped keeping score.