Saturday, May 3, 2014

Headline Poem 5/3/14 -- We Call Society

I have learned a lot about society throughout the writing-a-poem-a-day process. Most headlines, as you know, are sad, negative, and uninspiring. I have to search hard to find ones that enlighten, connect, and build us up. They are there. People want them, but they get lost in the other "stuff" that creates fear, and tears people apart, and that disconnects. Today's poem is inspired by  headlines and news as a whole, and a reminder that we owe it go ourselves and each other to take a step back and simplify and balance. 

We Call Society

We have billboards with naked women
That tempt you while you drive
And websites for
Married people who want to cheat and hide
We are told food will fill us up,
And once we're good and fat,
We are told we need a surgery to lose the weight and fast
Then prescription drugs and alcohol
To mask the pain 
church memberships are on the rise
with plenty to gain
From messages of hope and rebirth
You've sinned and you're welcome here
Come in
Come in
To sit with partners and call them brothers and sisters
Here's a shrink to discuss your woes
And recall the moments of curled toes
Where you cry that you're sorry
And look down when you're done
To your phone,
The enemy, the party of one 
Where you play games and watch videos with strangers 
Only to
then go home at night
To lock your door 
and set your alarm
Because in all of this craziness
You don't feel safe,
And want to be armed 
Free to protect your property and such
As fate may have it that one night
You'll have no such luck
Fear may knock on the door 
And your life will change
Family will visit through glass 
once a week
If you're lucky,
You'll be released,
A felony will get you no where
You'll go back to the drink
And the lonely
And the rage
And before you know it
You're stuck in a cage 
We call society 
We call society