Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Headline Poem 5/14/14 -- Moons Like Magic

Art by Audrey Von Hawley (Photo credit Mystic Mama)
Tonight there is a full moon in Scorpio. Here is a post about the moon which inspired today's headline poem.

Moons Like Magic

Moons like magic
with cinnamon and sugar,
Craters from a majestic old lake,
like treasures
finds in the dark,
they wait for you.

Curves like old friends,
familiar, foreign, but not forgotten
are those who wind up their internal clocks
to repeat,
Wanted or not. They show.
Predictable and sweet.

They embrace and surrender to thee,
Full moon in Scorpio times three.
They believe in the depths of the ring
and the light, and the masterful
core and delight,
In cleaning of wounds rather than scrubbing them.

The healing stage hurts the most,
Before the edges become smooth
and the angles roast,
Calmly caressing the contents of your
valleys and peaks,
alleyways and caves,
cool waves and heat.

They meet. She greets.
Love is released.