Saturday, May 24, 2014

Headline Poem 5/24/14 -- Rolling Stones and Donut Holes

Today is Bob Dylan's birthday. Cheers! 

Rolling Stones and Donut Holes

Reckless misfortune 
can alter us
one at a time,
but like rolling stones 
and donut holes, 
we are not alone. 

We hail from bigger
end up together 

Sometimes at the bottom 
of the way 
inside canyon walls 
that seem too tall
   to reach or climb out of
     without a ladder 
to the top 

of the rusted tin roof
built with admiration and solid truth

Sturdy and sun-kissed,
the mounds circle
Ruffled and roused 
Around and around
Dipped and slick 
wind swept feather
Ready to guide us home
to the place 
Rolling Stones and donut holes 
go to feel whole.