Sunday, March 9, 2014

Headline Poem 3/9/14 Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey

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Be aware! There's a finger bitter on the loose in Camden, New Jersey. According to this, and other sources, there was a dispute in a mall parking lot which led one woman (still at large) to bite another woman's finger, severely. So, today's poem is about this parking lot violence at a Cherry Hill Mall.

Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey

Parking spots are a dime a dozen
Unless someone takes 
The one you've supposedly chosen
And that person is angry already about the color of her scarf,
or how her sister talks to her
Or how she holds a knife
When she cuts the bread that is served to her
     with butter on a platter
 Today none of this matters

Today, the righteous woman 
        Who came to try on clothes
     Bit a woman's finger 
All the way to the bone
Brown   curls   soft and    flowing 

Suppose they were supposed to meet
    more in common than a story on the news
Suppose the witness in the parking lot
  was there to meet her lover whom no one knows
 in the spot she claimed was hers, and she and he,
landed themselves shamelessly on the news 
       Roads and lots,    abandoned    and    reclaimed
have a way of         justifying their     unused   space

The woman on the screen may turn herself in
smelling like lime and cucumbers
from the homemade supper she fixes for her friends... 

While the     victim  
chooses       with one hand

from a menu
of soup broth and chocolate milk

Hospital cafeteria meals ordered for         herself