Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Headline Poem 3/11/14 -- three steps forward

(Photo credit Google Image)

Today's poem is based on this headline from ABC News about reporter Dan Harris's panic attack on live TV in 2004. He was a workaholic, covered war post 9/11, and has now written a book called 10% Happier, focusing on how meditation has helped him cope with stress. This story lead to today's poem.

three steps forward

take three steps forward
and then three steps more
no need to step back and listen to the voices
take heed
no need to ruin perspectives
and make good guys finish last
stand your ground by moving on

there are no windows to the souls
of our neighbors
whose paths require indecent resemblance
to postcards and packages
from people you do not know
there is a reason their dark door is covered in dust

take three steps forward
watching your tracks
marking the woodlands on the search for love
laughter rings out from behind the trees
a scavenger-hunt-stop kiss puts you in the lead

do not stay down if you fall on your knees
bruises leave
blood stops flowing
tire swings and arrows. you are not too old to discover

three steps forward
barrel laughs rule
three steps forward
we are cool

gather up the grievances you see along the way
burn them in a fire
that lights up your happy face
keep warm with the freedom and the decisions yet to be made
three steps forward

12:27 strikes and the lucky clock chimes
heads turn while he strolls along
wristwatches checked
retired community members trudge on
pavement pushing for pleasure
rather than racing through an office full of mud(slingers)

the judge's decisions are arbitrary and final
three steps forward
three steps forward