Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Headline Poem 3/19/14 -- implied contentment

(Photo credit National Geographic)

Today, I read this article about a rare albino redwood tree in Northern California. What caught my eye was the fact that this tree is usually weak, and small, and relies on another tree. In this case, though, this tree appears to be strong. Albino trees seem uniquely able to endure stress, and this particular tree is one many hope is saved. This article started me thinking on trees, and their power, and symbolism. A birch tree came to mind, known as the watcher. I imagined a strong female watcher usually able to survive only when relying on something else, and thus, this poem about a mistress and her implied contentment came to be... things are not always as they seem.

implied contentment

on the couch with a book,
or striding in a silver dress
purchased with a card she does not own
and never will
rings and sapphires glisten in the birch tree shadows,
forming in early autumn, remaining rigid through winter
eye-like impressions
dangle night after night
Beating her fists 
on her chest, 
rattling caves and cavities until they fill with muck

He's not yours, 
and never will be

Defeated on hot pavement 
She lies down 
    the  jewels 
 are    not      enough

You give advice like badly bruised potatoes
For sale, but not pretty
Someone will buy them, despite their use
You tell her 
she will never listen 

Do not fall for a man who says he does, but doesn't
He will lick the sauce off the tiny ribs and throw the tender meat to the dogs
To watch them fight,
and beg for more

A bastard in a camp of thieves
Pearls, your eyes, white and bright
Impure gifts only meant to weaken and falsely impress
He watches you want him, 
You boost his ego 
with his stupid tricks
They're not even good ones

You wait in a boat in shallow water,
Grounded, sure,
boats are not built to stay on the shore

The mistress wants more,
implied contentment,
she will never get it