Monday, March 31, 2014

Headline Poem 3/31/14 -- Down the road

I read this headline today -- about a dying man and his daughter. The community came together to create a special memory for them. One line caught my eye, "Down the road." Of course having lost my own dad young, I understand that line. The little memories I have mean so much, and down the road, they make me smile, and love everyday. 

Down the road

Years from now, down the road, you'll remember the aisle
you walked holding his hand, the last gift he ever gave to you, solid, where layers upon layers of hope and fear collide, in this memory, for life. 
You know he'd give anything to stay, but he can't. That's not how it works. 
Like a pebble, small but mighty, you'll smile with sunshine in your eyes, happy to have lived with him, happy to be alive. 

Down the road, there will be times when you'll curse the stars, and be upset for what you are without. 
You'll know how longing feels, true. 
But, you'll also know how high you can climb, and that you have gifts, insights, and a friend on the other side. 
This loss will allow you to connect with others who know how it feels, famous authors, strangers, and characters who seem real. 
Life will lead you through adventures, license plates will pass from differents states and countries. 
People will share their memories with you, letting him live on through them. 

The hardest part may come when you have children of your own. 
You'll be sad for what you are without, and may fear what they could lose, like you, but it will teach you about strength and being nice. 
There may be some who will try to knock you down, who will see your vulnerability as weakness, and may even try to use it to get ahead. 
You'll see through them. 
You'll see what's real.
Vulnerability is strength. It means you are alive. It means you feel. 
Trust your gut, even when some people say you have a hole. Do not let them tell you that is weak. Holes are everywhere. 
If someone tries to use that against you, know that they are probably hurt. 

Write love letters, write for you, even if someone tells you not to. 
Climb mountains. Jump with frogs. Drink fine wine. Laugh at yourself. 
Visit with true friends. 
Listen to poems. Let them take you where they will. 
Let the ocean splash inside of you. 
And no matter what, give and receive love.
His absence will hurt, but it is also the greatest gift.