Monday, March 10, 2014

Headline Poem 3/10/14 -- A Song for the South China Sea

(Photo credit Wikimdia Commons)

It is not looking good for friends and relatives of those on board Malaysia Flight MH370 which went missing over the South China Sea. Here, this headline focuses on a couple from Queensland, Australia who are among the passengers many fear are dead. Today, a tribute to them, and to all of the victims of this flight, and others.

A Song for the South China Sea

A song for the South China Sea where ocean with its rising tide welcomes them with a calm lullaby
ever so gently and ever so smoothly, it brings nations together to mourn and to soothe

The shores will be lined with salty sea air, moist on the face, home for their tears
a March mayday was not to be heard, their children and loved ones did not hear a word

No worries, or cries, no disaster loomed chills, nothing to curse or rattle their fears
they just disappeared, together, in the night, holding hands, over the South China Sea

A song for the South China Sea we sing as they fly on outstretched, adventurous wings, smiles the last things to see
courage now taken from them for you, the hearts that are broken and do not know the truth

The melody lingers like a dance hall recital, left rocking and swaying long after it's over
Farewell to those who now swim, in the endless water, where freedom takes them in

Sign at the entrance says welcome to Poppy's, a sea garden now in a new world that beckons
Humble bodies unaware of pain unravel deep mysteries on the dark ocean floor where unity transcends boundaries and more
as goodwill lingers on the wave of hope -- waves tired of carrying the weight of fastidious anger mired with disputes

A song for the South China Sea we now sing
of a love that binds an altered course
sinking the hate on an anchor of pain
singing through mist until they meet again