Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Headline Poem 3/25/14 -- They Say

Darrington, Washington landslide (Photo credit Google Image) 

Yesterday, authorities told loved ones, and the world, that there were no survivors from Malaysia Flight 370. All passengers and crew perished in the Indian Ocean, they say. The survivors want evidence, and there is none. Also in the news since Saturday are the headlines about the Darrington, Washington landslide. They are looking for survivors, but are finding more bodies each day. Here is a CNN article about 9 questions that still are lingering regarding the flight disappearance, and another about the deadly landslide. Today's poem is about what "they say" -- they being the media, and those watching, reporting, and sometimes, but not always, sharing they facts.

They Say

There was a man who blew me away
in the grey skies as we played,
and promised each other to stay 

wish so much that he would be here now
with me in the morning light,
but we know that it isn't right 
That's not how the story goes, 
I'm telling you it's hard to believe 
that he's not coming home
That's what they say 

Around here it's always sort of weird
spinning and skipping stones
I'm always, but never, alone 
He said he'd never leave 
He said he'd be in the rain 
He said he'd always stay 
But that's not how the story goes
He's not coming back to me 
That's what they say 

Staring out at miles looking for pieces of him
no yellow or white lines to blur 
just memories of fruit and baptisms 
There will come a day when my life will end
until then I'll just wait for him
they say things I don't want to hear 

I never wanted to let him down
I never wanted to live alone
they say I will 
they say I am

It's hard to believe he's not coming home 
what do they know
what do they know
what do they know 
what do they know