Saturday, March 15, 2014

Headline Poem 3/15/14 -- A Day at the Park

Ryan Bonaminio Park (Photo credit Google Image) 

Today, I read this article in the Press Enterprise about park safety in Riverside, Ca. Park violence is up, but overall city violence is on the decline. Security guards may soon roam the parks, although that plan is debated, and residents are torn about the idea. This poem is not about park safety per se, but I did spend part of my day at one of these parks, and, so, here is today's poem.

A Day at the Park

Wind blowing through the trees
Sun so bright I must look down to the ground
Or close my eyes while walking and riding my bike 
Though I want to hold my head high
To look strangers and passersby in the eyes
(I should probably wear sunglasses)
Good day to you neighbor of the world
Who came to dot and cross my path 
Like i's and t's 
Letters meeting in an unscrambled word
Wrestling and running
Rolled up sleeves welcome the heat 
And capture the rays
And playfulness of the day
The laughter is so thick you can smell it 
Sweat and spills and salty cheek kisses 
I hold you like a kite 
Beautiful and tight
Open to the wind
Soaring strong 
A baby in my arms
Snacking on celery and thick ranch dressing
Mixed with spit it drips 
And lands 
He's so cute I just let it linger before I give it a swipe
With his shirt
Cupcakes and carrots and juice boxes 
Childhood is legit 
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