Saturday, March 29, 2014

Headline Poem 3/29/14 -- A Spring Sojourn

For many, this week begins Spring Break. There are a few headlines swirling about this recess to recharge, but I'll focus on the break part. One of my favorite words, sojourn, comes to mind. Rest, reside, temporarily travel to places near and far that make you happy, and that feel like home. Today's poem is about my own spring pilgrimage. I also added a little tribute to Mother Earth, who last night, shook things up a bit with an evening earthquake in Southern California. 

A Spring Sojourn 

my soul
calls home

Each year, unique beginnings
replacement hitches, flat tires, and infamous leaks,
You get the gas, I'll take out the trash
Six pairs of socks, at least, yes, bring your rain coat, and don't forget the dog leash 
Where is the dog? Susanna! 
Through the hustle and bustle, the earth shakes, a reminder of who's in charge
You're only entitled to so much control
Prepping for the windy roads,
I sing along to my favorite travel songs --
Fast Car, Get Out The Map, Carolina On My Mind...
Rejoice in the chaos and noise, omm,
we bicker like my grandparents used to,
they stayed in love omm 
Morning turns into early afternoon, neighbors' beautiful grandkids play with ours on the lawn
Everything's packed, shit, tires are practically flat -- give them more air, easier to travel when you're full
One more stop for cash, and we're on the road
Umm mom, pull over as soon as you can, the Thule is loose on the van! 
Cars whiz by, let's go!
Fed-Ex trucks on their way with deliveries, orders, good, and bad news, wrapped, licked, and stamped
Ice cream dessert in the desert, almost to our first stop, 
Sin City, where boy meets world, flashback to our oldest at five years old, processing the Circus in the stars, and naked women scattered on the floor
Bug-eyed, mommy, whoa, mommy whoa
It's okay buddy, let's go
As the years pass, we discuss
Same places, different faces, all on the way to our temporary home
a spring sojourn