Sunday, March 2, 2014

Headline Poem 3/2/14 -- For all the dreamers

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Today's poem is inspired by the Oscar's overall, but Jared Leto's acceptance speech for supporting actor, first up, really solidified the beauty of the night; the transforming of oneself into a character to move others. It is the human experience that we all have in common which connects us, and inspires us. His speech, his character, and his story of birth to a single, teenage, dropout mother, really hits home. He paid tribute to those around the world who are living through war, disease, and poverty, and who have not let go of the dreams. Today's poem is for all the dreamers... because the only way to continue to dream is to insist that those dreams are stronger than those who doubt them.

For all the dreamers

You've got your head in the clouds
You're so unfocused
Why can't you sit still?
You can't finish a project
Pay attention!
Not everyone who wants to be famous becomes famous
Dreams happen, but not to you
If you drop out of school, you will be nothing
Your dreams are too big
You're a fool
Insatiable appetite for excess
You're obsessed
Your energy would be better spent
changing the world in a different way

Forget you!
I'm a dreamer,
and I'm not letting go
You don't understand
What you don't know
I'm going to seek the art
Find the beauty
Value the truth
Make my own music
Work my butt off
Pull myself out of this mess...
I'll be known
For the gift I possess
One day,
I hope you find your own