Thursday, March 27, 2014

Headline Poem 3/27/14 -- Beacon Street

Boston (Photo credit Boston Herald)
New England quarterback Tom Brady watched this morning as a fire burned in Boston, a few doors down from his house on Beacon Street. Here is the headline. Two firefighters died in the blaze. I wrote today's poem as a song. I tend to do this, humming to a tune in my head. I think I could sing some of these poems to life if I could only learn to play my guitar that is starting to collect dust in the corner of my room.

Beacon Street  

It must have been scary
It must have been sacred
It must have been surreal
For you

Out there on the ledge
all of the life lines
just passing right by
For you 

All of the times that we made our sweet love
I had forgotten about you
But times like this lead all of us to take some time to 
just recall what's real

It must have been scary
It must have been sacred
It must have been surreal 
For you

Out on the ledge
The fire's burnin'
My wheels are turnin'
and I'll do anything to stay alive right here 
You should have studied a little harder
and stopped a bit less in your tracks

The years have been blurred now,
and I just I wish I'd tried a bit harder
back then 

Right now there's a ladder 
it's climbin' right up here
it's going higher out there 
No matter what, I'm at his mercy
Please God, don't take me, not yet
Please Lord don't leave me
Please let me stay here 
and be
Please let me stay here 
and be

I'm just not ready
Somebody needs me
I'm not too steady
down here 

Out on this ledge now,
But please
Just leave me down here 
I'll tremble less down here 

First kiss is flashin'
First love is teasin'
First loss is trickin'
First miss is missin'
Right here

I close my eyes, the smoke is blindin'
Last embrace, last call, last smile, last glimmer of sunshine
I thought it was too bright, 
but boy was I wrong
down here  

Out on the ledge now, they all flash right by,
and I realize
it's time