Monday, March 24, 2014

Headline Poem 3/24/14 -- a little village of race fans awoke

(Photo credit Google Image)
This entire article is about how the company Burrtec Waste Industries in Fontana spent today cleaning up after the big NASCAR race at the Auto Club Speedway over the weekend. People had fun; beer and food were consumed. Some brought entire sets of furniture to leave behind after the weekend was over, and a waste company cleaned it up. That's it. I liked the second line of the article, which is the title of today's little poem about race fans and trash.

a little village of race fans awoke

crawling out of motorhomes and trailers
morning after steps slower than in days past
creep in on little fog beds
a reunion year after year of noise and energy
cheering and beer games create memories and waste
cleaning up debris and tokens of fun must go unnoticed
field interior becomes home
until the races are over
on monday morning
a little village of race fans awoke