Monday, March 3, 2014

Headline Poem 3/3/14 -- Misinterpretation

(Photo credit Los Angeles Times)

Pope Francis dropped the F-bomb during his Sunday blessing at the Vatican, according to this headline. He was discussing the crisis situation in the Ukraine, and apparently used a word resembling a "bad" one. Whether it was intentional, or a harmless mistake is up for debate. The Vatican is not commenting, and those in attendance can't un-hear what they may, or may not have heard. This misinterpretation has inspired today's unclear and confusing poem about a conversation gone all wrong, and right.


You smell my hand and say it reminds you of honey
Hunny I ask? Was she a pet rabbit when you were a kid?
No, honey the liquid you add to tea and biscuits
Like custard too
The colonel? 
I'm coming apart like glue
Who, you?
This conversation's going all wrong
Sideways like a salamander
Tilted like a truck
Wild like wrapped up paper not big enough to tuck
Even if you got it wrong, like a cheap imitation painting,
I'm glad you took my hand in the very beginning.