Monday, March 17, 2014

Headline Poem 3/17/14 -- Come and Walk Among Us

(Photo credit Google Image) 

Today, many headlines and emotions are swirling -- St. Patrick's Day, an L.A. earthquake, our 100 year-old-oak tree was cut down, and we just read and listened to The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and The Plain White T's. Life is a beautiful, crazy ride. Today's poem, is a combination of all of this, and more. Who knew there were so many connections between all of them -- trees and boats and earth and sea and walking away and returning -- Green cheers to you and yours! 

Come and Walk Among Us

It is a heart-warming experience
to borrow a book from a man 
who loves his mother,
and to listen to a sweet six year old 
read about a tree that lives
to give
and gives to live

Lucky is the shepherd
who served his time,
found a boat,
and sailed back to build a home
with wood 
from a tree he carved himself

Denied to be reunited 
with a fool who sold her soul,
he should have listened to the breeze 
and golden bees,
or to the earth that shook, 
or Saint Patrick
(sometimes captivity is the best teacher)

After 28 days, he turned his back
on the chills and squander,
hoping he didn't break anything 
when he 
slammed the wooden door the last time,
as his walking stick turned into a living tree

He imitates the chickens 
running naked 
through the hills,
pecking and vividly keen, 
members of a club 
most are denied

We are the tree that 
gives to live,
and lives to give
So be it, so be it, 
Come and walk among us...