Thursday, July 31, 2014

Headline Poem 7/31/14 -- the future mayor

Today's poem is inspired by election season in Hawaii. One of the candidates for mayor on the island of Kauai is an anti GMO advocate, MMA fighter, and surfer. 

the future mayor 

there are many words 
that don't come 
to mind
as I drive by
brightly colored signs 
hanging from fences
with names I can't pronounce

the man who chose 
to run three weeks ago 
has the lead,
and has raised 
more money 
and gathered 
more speed 
doing what's right (some people really hate that about him)

the politicians are confused. 
they stopped working for
you, the people, 
when 'new guy' 
was in preschool,
winning all along 
the voters didn't know 
any   better  so 

while they counted their 
winnings and escaped jail,
the future mayor 
surfed and healed,
making him
perfectly unprepared