Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Headline Poem 7/29/14 -- Salt Water

Salt Water 

Salt water soothes 
even the
hardest edges 
and tough exteriors.  
It changes its direction as 
much as it changes yours 
  by calming light   places that 
turn to dark

not by choice, but just because 
things that 
evolve require 
extra attention. 

It's okay. 

The power is sacred and 
hard to compare to anything else. 
Some pieces, 
no matter how much they swim away, return minute after minute,
day after day. 
They come back until you 
notice and say hello. 

And then one day, the water you've welcomed for so long
is gone. 
You no longer greet it, 
it's now for someone else -- your welcoming wall falls down, 
and you are naked 

and real. 

It hurts and stings,
but it is sweet and satisfying still. 
Embrace this new salt water 
once you swim 
in the current and float on thin air, 
most other things 
just can't compare,
and wouldn't dare. 

The salt helps you love. 
It will hurt if you let it, but once you decide there is strength in tasting it, 
you will see what it means to break the wall 
and to feel what it means to live 
without fear of pain. 

Salt water awakens sleepy minds if 
the minds that sleep
they are asleep.