Friday, August 1, 2014

Headline Poem 8/1/14 -- Rain


I did not pray for rain. 
I prayed that if it came my way I would smile rather than stray. 
I'll dance. 
I'll not leave. 
I'll not retreat 
to   a   place 
that appears dryer and quieter and has more heat. 

I'll stay. 
I'll wait. 

Subtle at first, like an onlooker pretending not to stare,
I felt it. I smiled in its face 
because although I wasn't
I began.  I embraced. 

Refreshing, yet a bit more uncomfortable than I'm 
comfortable with, I spoke
to the drops. 
  You think I need you? 
  You think you're what I want? 

     was the response. 
A strong and incredible yes. 
You're what I want. 
You're what I need. 
More rain fell. 

And then...
I took your hand while it poured,
we made out in
the car, our
windows steaming 
from wisdom 
dripping wet with 
experienced breath.